Erik Boker is an artist from Los Angeles currently living and working in The Netherlands. He received his MFA in 2013 from the Academy of Art and Design (AKV) St Joost, The Netherlands.

His practice often involves working within and amongst the entanglements of the image, language, object, anthropological systemology, museum structure, and consumer culture -- in a way of liminally negotiating the gaps and cracks within our the systems of display. Sometimes borrowing from archaeology and building what you may call excavations of language, he uses underlying concepts of translation to negotiate creation of (and movement across) form, idea, media, and structure.

His work has been extensively exhibited, awarded, and published internationally.

As a documentarian and editorial photographer, he has worked many years documenting travel, story, and food...and their interesting intersections.
He is always seeking commissions and able to work just about anywhere.

e : erik {@}

p : +31 6 22 98 68 40