Tyler, 2007


A record fetish and a long fascination with evangelical music collide with the small (but boisterous) vein of evangelical ventriloquists.

The layers of function within phonography, ethnography, performance, and fundamental religion vibrate the soul of this project. Most interesting to me are the levels of "channeling," a term used both in audio and religion, as God flows through the chosen human vessel, through the puppet or dummy, and through the phonograph, culminating often in a recorded religious artifact. The puppet also acts as a guide for that channel from the heavens to reach young children. Some subjects have stardom in their histories and even involvements with Jim Henson, some are active still today, and some are focused on other arts. Some have taken even more extreme paths with belief. But all are recording legends in their field, and all have an interesting residence in obscurity. This is a visual ethnomusicological pursuit in its essence. It pays tribute to obscure musicians who play an important role in our culture… and what makes it interesting.

David 1, 2006

David 2, 2006

David 3, 2006

Gail 1, 2006

Gail 2, 2006

Gail 3, 2006

Denny, 2006