infinity goes up on trial — the collection

∞ Things (That I'm A'sayin') ∞
An investigation into image, language, object, and untranslatability

In a world of objects, text, and images, there is a consistent practice of translation, interpretation, contextualization, re-translation, reinterpretation, and recontextualization. Infinity investigates entanglements of that translation, between objecthood, language, image, artifact, and their respective relationships with ethnography, institutional systemology, and the function of the museum.

An ever-growing "collection" brought together through an underlying code, a framework, based on an undisclosed (or, barely disclosed) pop cultural icon - a figure consistently misconstrued, deconstructed, reconstructed, elevated, denigrated, labeled, and categorized, much like the museum or institution itself. Refusing definition, structure then becomes built on the undefined. An establishment built on anti-establishment. Intermittently viscous and sticky.

As Taryn Simon has said, "Archives exist for me because – not for the archives themselves – but for all the gaps between the collected information."

All the Chords Played on the First Album,
78 x 106cm, Silkscreen on paper, ed. of 5, 2013

infinity goes up on trial — the book

parrots in camouflage
an interview - HERE!

Napoleon Bonaparte (You Need), 1963