River, 2007


This work explores the museology of our lives. The historical museum and dioramas, whose paused, poetic moments resemble those of photographs, are premeditated and cautiously assembled, yet blatantly artificial and static. The authenticity of the museum again comes to the fore. Fakery, artificiality, nature presented to us and lit by tungsten lights may become more of our reality than we would feel comfortable admitting in coming years. Our real landscape is changing, and we are upgrading to granite counters. To paraphrase Mark Dion, this work is not about nature, but rather about ideas about nature.

Farm, 2007

Pines, 2007

Forest, 2007

Chief, 2006

Light and Painting, 2007

Cowboy Americanus, 2006

Gardener, 2006

Autumn, 2007

Rainforest, 2007

T-Rex, 2007

Wildlife, 2007

Rhino, 2007

Coke, 2007

Chair and Trees, 2007

Mangroves, 2007